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sms backup and restore app

SMS Backup And Restore APP… Phonebook and SMS are the most important parts of all the phones. SMS plays a crucial and a very important role in our life, because SMS can be used to save many important things. Using SMS we can send important things like bank details, numbers and other short information to our friends.

There needs a backup of what we send through SMS since sometimes mistakenly we would delete or some other technical errors may harm the SMS and if there are no backups of those SMS then that would cost us more.

SMS Backup And Restore APP Description:

Therefore the backup SMS option in Android and Smartphones are good. Just to retrieve any lost SMS we could try with the SMS backup app that is available in Android smartphone. In this current post I have listed some of the best Android apps that are available in the Android market to backup SMS on Android Smartphone.

SMS Backup And Restore:

If you are looking for a simple application that can make backup of your Android smartphone SMS. Then this application is where your search ends. Using this app you can schedule SMS backup time and you can relax and forget about taking the backup manually. There is even an option to view your backup contents so that you ensure that everything is working fine with the backup application, and this works well.

This application stores all the SMS in XML file format and we can retrieve the SMS by using this XML file on other computers or can be easily moved to any other Android phone. To restore the same SMS on another smartphone too. You could even send or share the backup file of your SMS via email too

sms backup and restore app

SMS Backup +:

It can automatically take backup of SMS on the Android smartphones. It can be used for not only taking backup of SMS but even we can use it for taking backup of MMS and call log entries using separate labels in Gmail and Google Calendar. If you have lost some of your SMS you can even use this application to restore your lost SMS back. It has a very simple and a user-friendly interface and the features are good as well.

sms backup and restore app
           BEST SMS BACKUP APPS             

SMS Backup:

As the name implies this is a very simple application which lets you take backup of your SMS into your Gmail account. The option to save SMS Online and taking backup file online is the best option. Because there are no chances of losing any SMS in the future, even when the phone is lost.

To successfully use this application on Android and take backup, you need to have IMAP enabled in your Gmail preferences in the Gmail Mail settings. Which must be done using a computer. Automatic SMS feature is also available on this app.

sms backup and restore app


GO SMS Pro is another popular and easy-to-use application available on Android Market and it can easily take backup of your SMS and MMS. We can restore and share backup file over internet using the built-in sharing features. There are yet some other popular features available with this application that can be used along with the SMS backup like chat on Facebook, Schedule SMS, Security lock and many more.


sms backup and restore app
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