Best Web Browser For Android || 5 Top Browser 2018

best web browser for android

Best Web Browser For Android… We discussed Google Chrome beta version for Android which is still in beta version so I am not adding that to my list today because it still needs lots of development and other improvements.

Best Web Browser For Android Description:

The browser is a very important part of internet browsing and browser requirements are same for desktop and Android based smartphone/tablet. These days Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers for desktop and followed closely by Firefox and Opera  but in Android market the situation is different.

Chrome is not available for Android 2.2, 2.3 and Honeycomb 3.0 it is available only for 4.0 and newer versions Android Market gives us so many options in browsing applications and very powerful browsers are available in the market free of cost. I have listed some of the best browsers which are available on Android Market for free.

1. Dolphin Browser® HD:

If you are looking for the best and top browser in Android Market then Dolphin Browser® HD ranks amongst the top of them. It is fast, stable, and easy to use and offers full mobile browser with Gesture, Webzine, and Add-on support browser. Gesture (symbol) gives us the power to start any website using your mind. It contains all the features which are mostly application for any desktop browser.

Using Dolphin Browser you can do speed dial, tabbed browsing, and install Add-ons to get more extra features like Firefox and Chrome. There are around 60+ Add-on features for Dolphin Browser which can enhance your browsing experience and productivity on your Tablet or smartphone. Dolphin Browser is also available in mini and beta versions both of which are available in Android Market for free.

best web browser for android

2. Opera Mini Web Browser:

After Dolphin Browser it is the most downloaded web browser in the Android Market and it is not without reasons because Opera desktop version is already quite popular. Opera Mini Browser for Android gives the same experience of browsing over all types of mobile devices.

Opera gives better speed than all other browsers as it has certain unique features such as data compression, which can transfer and load any web page much faster. For limited data plan internet connections. It is the best browser because it can save your browsing data using compression technology.

Opera Mini comes with a sleek look with a modern look and it can easily fit on all types of mobile devices. You can also synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial and more with your computer or other mobile devices via Opera Link.

best web browser for android

3. Skyfire Web Browser:

Skyfire is another popular web browser in the Android Market after both Dolphin and Opera Mini. Using Skyfire you can easily view all types of flash video on your Android device. Skyfire comes with Facebook quick view features which allow one-touch access to your news feed, profile, friends, inbox, events, and places. For Facebook addicts.

It is one of the best browsers because it gives you better options to share pages on your Facebook account. Skyfire browser benefits are playing millions of flash videos for their users from the web. To search more about your query you can use related idea feature which is a unique feature on this browser.

For social media guys it is a really awesome browser because it comes with social media integration which allow sharing content on social media  website with one click

best web browser for android

4. Firefox Web Browser:

Firefox needs no introduction because it is the most popular browser over the internet and millions of users all over the world use it at all times. So the Android version of Firefox is also popular though it needs some improvements to compete with other browsers in the market which are already so popular in the Android Market.

So Firefox Android version comes with Sync feature to sync all your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from Firefox desktop version. Firefox Android version also supports Add-on to increase internet browsing experience. Personas is a completely new concept over Firefox themes.

All latest versions of Firefox support Personas which can change complete Firefox look.

best web browser for android

5. iBrowser:

For simplicity and beautiful browsing, the browser is one of the best in the market. According to its developer it comes with advanced data compression technology to save your data cost and speed up the browsing.

So other features include multi-tab browsing, multiple search option, and multi-threads downloads. To speed up browsing it comes with many useful website shortcuts like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, BBC, Time Of India and so on

best web browser for android

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