Best Free Tools For 256 Bit Aes Military Gradec Encryption

What is Encryption?

Encryption is a process that helps you protect what matters. It’s a form of protection far superior to other means alternative options like password protection, hiding, and other anti-viruses. Encryption uses a key algorithm to turn the accessible data into information which is encoded in pieces. Doing so makes your data unreadable to the masses and hence you stay relaxed knowing nobody can access your confidential data. To decode, you to access the ciphering algorithm using the secret key which would render it back to the original form.

Whether the prying eyes or the cybercriminals, you need not to worry as encrypting your data makes it almost impossible for them to even make a move. Hence, encryption is a need or a necessity of the modern world where one must keep up with the latest trends in order to survive. To help our readers, we have reviewed the best available encryption software 2021 that are known for the services they offer.

Starting with:


If you’re new to encryption, go for AxCrypt as it doesn’t have much complication and offers both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption. Password management, cloud sharing, drag and drop feature, etc. Are made available. The best part? It is a portable application where you don’t need to install it on your PC to run it.  Axcrypt homepage https://www.axcrypt.net/

AxCrypt has a simple user interface and offers two versions. One being paid and the other being free. It’s obvious that the paid version has more to offer but we would recommend you to go for the free version first to get an idea what you’re exactly buying. However, do note that AxCrypt does not offer 256-bit encryption in their free version where they lost a bit of their credibility.

Folder Lock:

A file locking software that password protects folders and also encrypts them. Since it is listed in this review, it is bound to be offering AES 256-bit encryption that lets you protect your data. It also works with optical media, email attachments, portable storage and more. Password wallets are being integrated as well letting you save information related to credit cards, bank accounts etc. again it also has the same two-directional approach where they have a free version as well as paid and not surprisingly, the paid version has more to offer. Free download folder lock for desktop here http://www.newsoftwares.net/folderlock

Folder lock can also be used to encrypt internal and external drive such as system partition, ISO images and more and also has a simple interface where you don’t really need to think that much. Select your drive and click on the ‘Encrypt’ option to protect your confidential data.

Privacy drive:

Privacy drive is as simple as the name it comprises of. It uses virtual disk & on the fly technology so that you may encrypt and protect your private data. Drag and drop feature is made available in this software which makes everything simple to understand. Furthermore, this software supports both AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryption. Download Privacy Drive here https://privacy-drive.en.softonic.com/


Some of the best free tools available can also let you encrypt the data right from the browser (internet explorer) by simply right clicking on the file and tapping on the encryption from (from the menu). Moreover, such software also lets you create checksums and utilize them to check the integrity of the file.

Another important feature offered by above tools is that they let you encrypt external USB flash drives or other storage devices. Hence, portable security is also made available.  Isn’t it a great feature for a tool being just free!

Final Words:

There are hundreds of maybe thousands of encryption tools out there but it’s hard to check each one of them. Hence, we know your time is precious and hence we came up with a list of more than average encryption tools as reviewed above. All of them are up to their mark in delivering what they promised however, we weren’t comfortable in knowing that the features vary in the two options i.e. in free, not all the features are available while in paid, all the features are available.