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Dodol Locker

Dodol locker is popular app for mobile android version. Through Dodol Locker you can save your private content in your phone. In you can download Dodol Locker for free. For download Dodol Locker app you have to click on download button. So it is very easy to download Dodol locker on your phone or tablet.

Description of the Dodol Locker application:

Dodol Locker is an application that allows you to expand the options of your screen lock by adding additional functions and a user can place widgets for time and clock and lost SMS and calls or any other application for a quick start. So you can also set a graphic password and a numeric password.

First of all it offers unique themes and including beautiful and natural basic themes and simple and elegant and beautiful, beautiful and dazzling themes.
So the themes that can be used to decorate your phone as desired are available in the and finally you can also be easily accessed through the “Buy theme” located on the Dodol Locker screen.
However add your photos to the colorful wallpapers provided by the themes and replace the button themes with your frequently used applications and erase the battery status and dates … So change the themes to suit your needs.
Decorating themes can be easily accessed through the Dodol Locker screen and continuous improvements in the service will be made to give users more freedom to decorate.

Dodel locker image
Dodol Locker
Dodel locker
Dodol Locker
Dodol Locker
Dodol Locker


Dodol Locker features:                                               

Dodel locker
Dodol Locker
  • Wide range of topics and beautiful animation.
  • Simple and functional.
  • Adjusting the reflection of the widgets.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Fast work and small volume.
  • The world’s most beautiful and superb themes.
  • Decorate themes, just the way you want to.
  • Lock with patterns and passwords, and use with ease.
  • Dodol Locker never stops and never reduce the speed of your phone.
Dodol locker
Dodol Locker


  • Dodol Locker can only be used in Android OS 2.3 and higher.
  • However some functions may not be available on some devices.
  • So please, “Lock the start button” according to the guide that appears when the application is installed for the first time. (So this process is mandatory to ensure easy use of the service).
  • Multiple boxes are shown if multiple boxes are used and including the default system locker and the Go Locker box. So this can be an inconvenience and just use Dodol Locker.


  • Android 2.3 or higher.
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Download[5.5 MB][/box]

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