Tips to Enhance the Security of Self-Storage Using the Latest Technology

Keeping up with modern trends is an integral component of contemporary society. Trends replace old school methods such as smartphones instead of local telephones. When a person does not evolve with time, they face numerous challenges in adapting to their community and feel like an outcast.

One such facility that has been impacted by changing trends is the security of storage spaces. The simple lock and key method won’t work anymore. Instead, there are more sophisticated security details in place, making using and securing self-storage spaces easier.

Why Is Securing a Self-Storage Space Important?

The need for a storage space varies from person to person:

  • For Businesses. A self-storage space means extra space to store documents and files. It keeps the offices tidy and keeps unnecessary clutter away. Businesses also accumulate a large amount of paperwork with time; a storage unit helps them organize the data.
  • For Residential Reasons. It functions as a storage to put away essential documents such as medical records and legal documents and store away miscellaneous items like winter clothing and Christmas decorations. Some may even use it to store precious collector’s items that they cannot keep at home.

Since both sectors are involved with storing valuables, it is essential they are safe and not accessible to outsiders who may attempt to steal or destroy them. It can complete in several ways, and most of them are incredibly tech-savvy.

Tips to Enhance the Security of Self Storage Using the Latest Technology

Technology has made it easier to monitor self-storage facilities conveniently. It removes the burden of revisiting every month or week to ensure everything is still in place, saving your time and energy for other tasks. You may update your security using the following measures:

Security Is Everything

The first and foremost concern anyone has while using a self-storage facility is security. One of the easiest methods to monitor your storage is to invest in self storage security cameras. These cameras’ feedback can be viewed across devices such as laptops and smartphones making it super convenient to use and operate and accessible. The footage can be decided and submitted to the police in case of theft.

Replace Padlocks

Smart locks are the best substitute for conventional padlocks. Padlocks are prone to break-ins as they are not durable and can easily be detached and discarded with simple tools like bolt-cutters and hammers. The electronic keypad removes the need for a key. The electronic keyboard also notifies you when someone else tried to access the keyboard and entered the wrong passcode—making it far more durable than a conventional lock.

Protection From Fire

Ensure the storage facility you’re using has sprinklers and fire extinguishers present inside. When ignited, fire spreads rapidly, and you can potentially lose your valuables. Fire sprinkles make sure your valuables will be safe in case of a fire emergency, especially the highly combustible ones.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent substitute for regular lighting. It is remotely controlled, and you can control its intensity between sharp and dim. Smart lights are highly efficient and energy-saving. It can help while using security cameras to record footage in insufficient light. They also deter criminals from accessing your storage space. They cannot fiddle with the lighting’s mechanism and risk getting exposed.

Change Your Alarm System

Upgrade to unit alarms that are deactivated through a code and notify your cell phone about any activity. These alarms are swift and, within seconds, inform the tenants. They also don’t allow easy break-in or entry, and robbers are discouraged from trying after the first alarm gets triggered.

The Cloud

Use Smart locks that connect to the cloud. These allow working the lock remotely. If a tenant gets locked while operating the storage facility, they can easily unlock and exit using their cellphones. It also saves the hassle of physically going to the keypad and typing in the passcode. The cloud allows remote access through the cell phone even when you’re away from the storage locker if you want someone else to enter.

Storage Management Applications

It allows storage facility owners to monitor the tenants accessing and leaving the self-storage units. It also allows owners to stay in touch with the tenants and report suspicious activities. In case of overdue payments, the storage facility owner can revoke accessibility.

These are just a few measures that can be applied to self-storage units to make them more suited for modern times and exceptionally safe.

Wrap It Up

Self-storage facilities are a necessity for our lives. No matter what your lifestyle consists of, you’ll always need a self-storage facility. As the world is progressing rapidly and changing the way we live, there is also an increased need to evolve with changing times and update the way we handle security.

Stay on top of technological innovations and trends and apply them to every walk of our lives. It is observed across the board that the more technology we incorporate in our lives, the more convenient we make everyday tasks. That positively impacts our mood and attitude towards life—making us an excellent company.

So, start today, upgrade your storage units and install all the necessary equipment and continue to use and operate them fearlessly!

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