Irex is the #1 Tool for Public Safety in 2021

The cloud service feature monitors large populations revealing threats and preventing crime and outbreaks of infectious diseases. The platform is robust in options using machine learning to get precise and accurate results. It is able to manage crowds tracing contacts of people and controlling of social distancing. It can be used with unlimited cameras by unlimited users through their smartphones, PC, tablets, and smartwatches.

The Way it Operates

Our private cloud platform has a video content search engine enabling search through different websites all over the world applying such tools as facet object filtering and Big Data indexing. The storage is affordable and can be scaled. Analytics are based on deep learning for extreme accuracy.

Irex provides you with video and audio content after executing a search through endless locating of objects and events. To find an exact target, the service applies a range of filters such as:

  •  General filters including cameras, locations, time, user comments and events;
  •  Specific filters like type of objects, color, motion trajectory, behavior, face features, sex, age groups, license plates, and access control events.
  •  Tracking of objects, faces, and license plates across multiple cameras.

Irex’s Top Solutions

This service provides visual tools to find people and vehicles with certain features or behavior. There is such an option as an intuitive multiple camera tracking enabled by a media player which allows to track people following the cameras one after another.

The service suggests the messenger for mobile devices with a simple interface allowing every user to search an object across multiple locations, communicate with the community, share images, and receive push notifications. There are also interactive maps where it is possible to find the available cameras and manage them as needed.

Irex can be used to provide campus and school security to prevent dangerous threats. It should be integrated with cameras of educational establishments to monitor the activity of students, attendance, and various emergencies. It alerts staff when trespassers or criminals are detected through AI facial recognition.

Irex also offers a smart city solution. This tool is developed for city officials to monitor large public areas and crowds for social distancing with drones and cameras. This option is particularly useful when there are health hazards during pandemics such as COVID-19.

And lastly, the Irex platform is exceptionally useful for stadium safety and security. When crowds of people gather to watch a sporting event, there is always a potential for threat, harm or risk with pandemics, terrorist attacks or physical violence. If event management and crowd control is poor, security teams can fail to provide a proper response to disorder. The platform can be used for a range of purposes allowing contact tracing, fever detection, and more.

Machine learning is able to help the population live in safety. The Irex platform identifies objects with high accuracy and provides you with detailed information from the Big Data Base. It can be integrated into cameras, ticket and access controls, metal detectors, alarm systems, and other sensors providing with the needed current information. The developer cooperates with Emergency Service, Network Operation Control, and Government Databases.