IREX: Your Platform for Security and Safety

All people should have the right to live a safe and threat-free life. A sign of a civilized society is one that is free of imposed threats. Everyone deserves to live life without fear for their safety.

IREX organization’s mission is to combat the threat to safety in large public gatherings at venues such as sports arenas. With this in mind, we created innovative technologies to increase the efficacy of security personnel at public events. The platform of tools is simple to use and provides high-level, effective, and reliable protection of the public.


The platform combines a number of functions with the use of artificial intelligence, big-data analysis, and cloud computing making it the most robust system on the market.

The artificial intelligence used on the IREX platform includes:

  • object classification
  • person identification
  • vehicle identification
  • audio detection
  • multiple camera tracking
  • alarm detection

The cloud environment runs off standard equipment. We provide a constant updating of the software, leaving no room for failure.

Using big data you can:

  • do a search in several places
  • identify a person with the help of facial recognition filters
  • keep and analyze an infinite array of people and vehicles

The system reviews and assesses video and audio recordings using the technique of deep learning. You enter the source data (objects and events) on a hunch and program searches the content. There is no need to spend hours on video review.

The general filters include:

  • locations
  • text tags and user comments
  • cameras
  • event priority
  • date and time range

The use of specific filters allows for analyzing the following parameters:

  1.  The object: The system determines if it is a human, an animal, a bike, a car and etc.). You receive a detailed description of its movement topography (area of interest). The program also identifies shapes and colors.
  2.  Behavior: The software concludes whether a video shows a stopping, crowding, vagrancy or a violent event (intrusion, fight).
  3.  Faces: Using our system you retrieve the photo name and biometric information such as sex, racial identity, age, headgear, eyeglasses, facial features (eyebrows, beard, birthmarks, mustache, tattoos). The program also detects obscured faces.
  4.  Licenses: The camera scans the license plate number and its country of origin. Obscured plates are detected as well.
  5. Sounds: The technical algorithm along with the recognition program tracks unusual noises, glass breaking, screaming, gunfire etc.
  6.  Third-party events: The built-in sensors interpret access control records, data from ticket sale software, alarm system information, data from barcode or scanners of radio frequency (RFID).

Multiple camera tracking (using several cameras) allows you to observe objects, faces, vehicle licenses from various points of view.

Why Should You Choose the System? artificial intelligence demonstrates the ability to fulfill a search of video information at a global level. The data is analyzed through thousands of touch-points. In comparison to current surveillance systems (VMS), is based on the next generation of innovation. This technology is broadly used by Technology leaders such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple.

Сonventional Video Management Systems analyze video content only within the definite site. Their engine is unable to carry out multi-site search and process big data. The cloud platform of fulfills a profound search at a global level. Its powerful engine indexes big data and filters the content. requires less hardware in terms of virtualization. It is easy to dockerize.

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