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LastFire Survival Battlefield is a mobile version android game and millions of people in the whole world would be happy to get it cost-free. And we can help you! LastFire Survival for android free download So the download is very simple first you have to click on the “download button, Firstly download Apk and you enjoy the full version of the game for tablet or android phone!

Last Fire Survival: Battleground is a real-time online shooting game designed for mobile. The game simulates a true wrestling environment with third-person POV controls. Each game has 60 players competing in real-time, alone or as a team, to be the last survivor and win the round.

Realistic Weapon System:

Kar98k, M4, SCAR-L, pan… a variety of items, all recreated with precision. Dozens of weapons, each with their unique abilities, offer an exciting combat experience.

Individual Shotgun “Bird’s Eye View”

Do not worry about the typical 3D shooting games, dizzying, disorienting and stuttering! Watch the game from a bird’s eye view and enjoy the charms of a shooter without any headache.

Fair Fight for chicken dinner.

lastfire survival image
lastfire survival image
lastfire survival image

Description Of LastFire Survival Battlefield:

The last fire survival battlefield explores different places on a large island in search of useful objects. Try to survive in battles against competitors. Take part in the last battle for survival in this exciting Android game. Land a random spot on the Big Island and get ready to face the enemies. Up to 60 players can fight among themselves. You can join other players or fight alone. Explore abandoned houses and other items to find useful items of clothing and various weapons, from crossbows to assault rifles.

LastFire Survival Battlefield Features:

  • Great island.
  • A wide range of weapons.
  • High-quality graphics and sounds.
  • Fight against other players.


  • Android 4.1 or higher.

Lastfire Survival Battlefield APK Free Download

Download[99 MB][/box]

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