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PUBG Mobile Apk || LATEST 2021 [**] Download For Free

PUBG is the very popular and famous shooting game in the year of 2021. The game quickly created a terrible wave of spread around the world. I played many mobile APK games for PUBG, such as Rules of Survival or Knives Out.

Although these games are great, both in the game and in the graphics. However, I still feel the lack of something because these games are not the official version. And when we received the notice that Tencent Publisher officially launched the game PUBG Mobile, the official version on the mobile, I felt very happy and played immediately.

pubg mobile apk
pubg mobile apk

PUBG Mobile APK Game Description:

PUBG on PC have very high configuration because of this most people were worried, However, this problem has been completely resolved in the mobile version. I played the game on the iPhone 6s and also Samsung, and I think the game works well, without delay. Maybe due to the graphics of the game, you have been quite optimized. They said it’s a hit from the Tencent editor.

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Competition For Survival:

Of course, PUBG Mobile Apk still has the family game of PUBG. You will be parachuted from an airplane with 99 other players in line to a large wild island. When you touch the ground, you can die at any time. In this game, only one person can survive. So, whatever the cost, you must also kill the remaining 99 players, keep your life.

PUBG Mobile APK Some New Features:

First, you have only two white hands. You must quickly collect the weapons to be ready to face any player around you. They are often found in houses on the island. Unlike other PUBG games, PUBG Mobile helps you pick up your weapons automatically with each pass, as long as your backpack is wide enough. This helps you pay close attention to the situation around you, do not waste time collecting weapons that lead to an unjust death.

The user interface of the game has been significantly reduced, but it is still quite cumbersome due to too much information, such as the HP bar, the number of players, the forums, … to show on the screen. However, the game’s virtual keys are scientifically designed, helping you to perform many complex operations.

In addition, you can only choose one main weapon instead of two as the previous version. Then you must be careful when you pick up new weapons. Sometimes I dropped my full SKS accessory gun in exchange for an AK rifle.

PUBG mobile APK includes different type of weapons like rifles and also pistols and also shotguns, … grenades, type weapons are also included and my favourite weapon in this game is grenades.

There are many things are added like clothes, weapons e.t.c In the game players can use the favourite car and also bike these vehicles helps the player to move faster in different cities.

pubg mobile apk
pubg mobile apk

PUBG Mobile APK Game Modes:

PUBG mobile APK still has three familiar Solo, Duo and Squad modes. Your mission is to survive, destroy other players to win. In this game, survival skills, movement skills, and tactics will help you survive. The game map will be reduced over time. This is understandable because there are many players who choose to sit, not move. This made the game very long, and also less attractive.

In addition, the game has a classification model. The classification system is relatively professional, such as League of Legends. However, I think that this mode does not have much competition.

In general, Tencent still brings the full version of the PC to the mobile version. If you pass the graphics, you will find it difficult to distinguish two versions of this game.

PUBG Mobile APK Graphic:

Although the details have been reduced, the graphics of PUBG Mobile can still be classified among other competitors in the same category. When I play, although I put average quality graphics, the game is still very real. Rich land, mountain forests, houses on the coast. The 3D graphics are beautiful. In general, you can be sure of the graphics of the game.

pubg mobile apk

PUBG Mobile APK General Description:

Once again, PUBG Mobile won Fortnite on its journey to capture the new market. Although I played many mobile versions of PUBG, PUBG Mobile APK is definitely a game that you can not ignore. We hope that PUBG Mobile will be as successful as the PC version. You must connect to a broadband wifi network to experience the game perfectly.

PUBG Mobile APK Installation Setup:

  1. Install PUBG mobile Apk into your device.
  2. Copy the folder com.tencent.ig into Android\obb.
  3. Now play and enjoy the game.