SEO Tools for Bloggers: Plagiarism Checker, Yoast, Google Analytics

A quality blogger has the job of creating interesting posts that can get audience attention in a quick time. In the present time, content is very important. Websites which have quality content get the attention of the audience on an instant scale.

On the internet, the competition between websites is quite intense. It is quality content which helps one website in getting an edge on the other. However, producing quality content becomes hard if a blogger is not using the correct set of tools and not outsourcing a time-consuming task like blogger outreach to companies like Degions then its hard to get success quickly.. With so many tools available on the internet, there is no point in using manual methods. When you talk about the best tools for bloggers, some of the finest alternatives are listed below.

Plagiarism Checker by

Content originality is 100% important if you want people to show interest in your website. Along with that, websites with copied content get penalized on a serious scale. It is an unethical and unprofessional act to copy content that has been created by another writer.

Even if you are using the content as a reference for your blog, proper rephrasing is absolutely important. What is the best method of rephrasing the content? One way is that you can rewrite the content line wise and then compare it with the original source.

This method has two core disadvantages. First of all, this is a lengthy procedure. If you have a large word count to rephrase, the time required would be a lot. If the word count is 2000 words, it would take a very long time to check each line manually.

Using a plagiarism checker is the best way to rephrase the content. Here are some ways in which a quality plagiarism checker can help you out.

A plagiarism checker is a technological application so there are no chances of any mistakes being made if you are not using a substandard option. These applications read through written content and show the traces of copied content. At times when we are rephrasing the content manually, we do skip certain parts unintentionally.

This causes problems when the content is being published. On the other hand, when you are using a proper plagiarism checker, such problems do not exist. This application scans through written content and shows sections of copied content. All you need to do is rephrase them.

Using a plagiarism checker simply means saving a lot of time. On the other hand, if you are checking things manually, you would have to put in a lot more time. With the use of a plagiarism checker, the written content is scanned in a quicker manner.


The success and productivity of a website depend on several other parameters apart from the products/services it offers. Search engine optimization is important so that your website can gain enough popularity. It is all about generating business and that depends on the SEO methodologies implemented. If you are looking for quality SEO training, Yoast is one tool which can help you a lot.

Yoast provides SEO training so that you can promote the link of your website in the best possible manner. Remember that you would only get the desired conversion rate if people know about your website and make frequent visits.

A lot of website owners do not know about the correct SEO methods. As a result, they are unable to get their website to the desired position. However, if you are not equipped with the correct SEO techniques, using Yoast would help you out. It offers various training to the user.

A variety of website plugins are offered by Yoast. For instance, local SEO is an important perspective. A lot of brands generate massive revenue sums by strengthening their local SEO strategy. With Yoast, you can get a plugin for local SEO and various other purposes as well.

Google Analytics

Keeping a check on website performance is very important. At times, website owners fail to figure out why the rank is falling and this eventually gets converted into a large-scale problem. Google Analytics gives a complete picture of the website including backlinks, traffic count and other pieces of information.

A website develops a stronger reputation when it has high standard backlinks. What are backlinks and how do they help website owners? Backlinks are connections with more established web domains. They help new websites which struggle to build a reputation quickly. With Google Analytics, you can determine the backlinks one of your competitors is using.

At times, even when a website is offering top-notch products and services, it is not preferred by people a lot. The simple reason is that the website does not have backlinks. Using Google Analytics, you can determine the backlinks being used by competitor websites.

Are you using the correct keywords for your website? Do you know that it is the correct selection of keywords which helps your website in getting more traffic? Your website would not get traffic if the keywords embedded in the content do not match user needs.

If you are missing any keywords, this can be determined by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives a complete picture of every website. You can also check the keywords being used by the website. If you think that you are skipping important keywords, you can get confirmation by using Google Analytics.

Summing It All Up

Blogging is not piling text only. The key priority is getting the attention of readers so professional bloggers have to focus on research work and accessing different sources as well. By using certain tools, you can improve the overall blog writing performance as well as get better traffic. For instance, inexperienced bloggers do not have any idea of content originality. They copy content from different sources to create a blog post. This obviously is not the correct way to handle things. A good alternative option is using the plagiarism checker. This tool reads through the written content and identifies mistakes committed while the writing process was being executed. In this way, before the blog is published, you can get a complete assurance that the content does not have any originality problems.

Apart from the plagiarism checker, you can use various other tools like Google Analytics and Yoast. Each of these tools offers their own specific benefits.