The Innovation Process of IVF Fertility Treatment

ADONIS clinic is the best place of reliable treatment and care for patients worldwide. The best IVF treatment programs for you and your partner await.

We propose a list of IVF offers:

  • Intrauterine insemination
  • IVF with ICSI+EGG Donation
  • IVF with ICSI+SPERM Donation
  • IVF with ICSI+EGG & SPERM Donation

The innovation process of IVF fertility treatment is one of the best ways to become parents. ADONIS high qualified staff and the latest equipment ensures the highest chances of successful fertilization.

From the wide range of Ukraine IVF clinics it is really important to find the best one with the relevant qualification, care and support. ADONIS ensures the high level medical treatment with individually adapted plans and examinations for your well-being. Some important aspects to choose ADONIS:

  • Professionalism – more than 23 years ADONIS skilled medical staff make the people’s lives better and happier; carefully selected IVF specialists and embryologists with experience more than 15 years
  • High technology equipment and facilities – ADONIS certified equipment, double checking control and special safe environment provide the level up medical process
  • Comprehensive care and support – individually adapted treatment plan and examination for really resultative process, personal coordinator to help you in various questions and full accessibility in one place
  • Perfectly selected donor base – ADONIS own donor base provides perfectly healthy surrogates mother and donors. The testing and examinations conducted by ADONIS meets all requirements of the Ukraine Ministry of Health and go over established standards
  • Certified embryo laboratory – ADONIS own embryo laboratory is working every day serving and storing dozens of embryos. The safety of every embryo is ensured by a specially created sterile environment and double checking control. On your request the cryopreservation can be used
  • High pregnancy rate – 1339 IVF cycles was conducted by ADONIS in the 2021 year alone with the resultative and high pregnancy rate, which confirms the qualification of our specialists
  • Green zone Maternity Hospitals – ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals with the latest equipment and all around care to meet the new life

Extra services for your convenience

ADONIS Ukraine IVF clinic cares about every patient, that’s why we provide the wide range of additional services for your convenience:

  • Documents translation services
  • ADONIS legal team services
  • Donor/surrogate mother selection
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • Transfer assistance
  • Hotel/apartments booking

Worldwide ADONIS recognition makes us ensure our clients safety and control where ever they live. You are always welcome to have the special consultation with explanations and guidance in matters of documentation, IVF programs peculiarities, examination list etc.

Taking into account different cases, there are two options of program start for our clients abroad:

  • No travel to Ukraine is required. All documents are signed based on Power of Attorney. Biomaterial is delivered to ADONIS Ukraine with hand-carrying couriers
  • Travel to Ukraine is required. All documents to begin the program are signed in Ukraine. Examination and biomaterial collection is done in Ukraine

Pay your attention that every case is individual. For more detailed information and step by step actions please contact the specialist.

ADONIS patients and their well-being is our priority. We do our utmost to ensure the best treatment for an affordable price. Just try the medical treatment of the new level – contact ADONIS!